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Hello, I’m Marika Prina—a friendly language enthusiast and experienced teacher. I’m passionate about helping you master Italian and English.

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I’m Marika Prina—a seasoned language educator and tour guide. With seven years of teaching under my belt, I invite you to join me for personalized language lessons in a relaxed, fun environment

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“ I have been attending lessons with Marika since 2021 and it has been a fantastic experience. I initially struggled to speak any Italian despite studying the grammar rules for a long time however Marika was able to help me overcome this hurdle and gain confidence speaking Italian from the very first lesson. (I found this had not been the case with other tutors in the past who were keen to practice grammar drills rather than focus on conversation). Marika is extremely patient and will motivate you and help you to find the words you are looking for. Her lessons are informal and relaxed and she makes an effort to get to know you and what your needs are; for example, if you struggle with a certain aspect of grammar she will provide you with plenty of real life examples and explain technical terms in a straightforward way. I find the content we discuss engaging and fun and our lessons fly by in no time! I would highly recommend Marika to anyone interested in learning Italian. ”

Aishah Fazil Lawyer

“ I've had a few language teachers in the past and it is hard to come by someone as great as Marika!  Her lessons are very productive with a good mix of well prepared listening/speaking/reading sessions. On top of that, she is incredibly patient and so motivating and upbeat that it doesn't matter how tired you are, you will always have a fun and interesting lesson! ”

G Nazareth Lawyer

“ The best thing about Marika's teaching style is her enthusiasm and encouragement which allow me to speak as much as possible, correcting key mistakes along the way. She is always friendly and well-prepared for our lessons. I was looking for an excellent Italian teacher to improve my spoken language skills and definitely found this in Marika. ”

Alice Reeve University Student

“ I have taken many classes with Marika and I have learned a lot in little time! I look forward to every weekly lesson because she is always in a good mood, smiling and helpful. Every lesson explores a different theme to allow different types of vocabulary and situations. Other times, we just talk and practice which is what I need the most from online classes. I feel at ease making mistakes which is very important when you are starting to learn a language. Marika corrects me in a gentle way and  provides me with the handouts we worked on after the class so I can review. I have also discovered popular Italian culture through her such as famous chefs. I strongly recommend you take a lesson with her. She is a great teacher! ”

Tanja Vaillancourt Professeure invitée - Département de didactique des langues

“ Marika is such a great Italian teacher and I am so happy to have found her! I have been meaning to learn Italian for a few years now and finally started a few months ago and was hooked from the beginning as it is so much fun to learn the language with Marika! She is a wonderful person with lots of know-how, patience and drive. I have advanced so fast in such a short time and I am always looking forward to each lesson with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough! ”

Maryam Kashani Senior Casualty Treaty Underwriter

“ I had the chance to have Marika as a teacher for 4 months and I was a total beginner in Italian. She’s very patient, pedagogue, and attentive to your needs. Marika uses interesting and interactive class supports. Plus, I did all kinds of exercises (reading, speaking, listening, writing with homework). Now, I’m able to understand Italian and have comfortable assets in my internship in Italy. If you are willing and motivated to learn, Marika is the one for you! ”

Justine Ozane Currently doing an internship in Italy

“ I really enjoy learning Italian with Marika. She is always very prepared and engaging. The lessons are fun and interesting, and I feel my Italian is getting better and better week by week. I feel much more confident in speaking the language and I’m always looking forward to the next lesson to learn some more. I can highly recommend her! ”

Bernadett Bencs Office Manager

“ Marika has been my Italian teacher for over a year. I find her to be an amazing teacher, very patient and passionate about teaching her language her positive personality makes the hour fly by. My Italian has improved a lot with her assistance. I highly recommend her as your Italian teacher. Thank you, Marika all your help. ”

Angel Estrada Professional Truck Driver